Personal log #1 – Begin

So, it begins. I feel like Captain Picard setting out for a journey towards the unknown: excited, hesitant, a little scared too! Right now, while I am typing my very first post, I have no idea whether I’ll write this blog with regularity, for how long, or if it’s going to be any good. And I don’t care!

I know I needed a place where I could get out whatever the hell circles in my mind, stuck inside like a crazy hamster pedaling on its wheel. Clarity. It isn’t a final frontier, I know. Many people write on blogs or websites. But I believe everyone has his own frontiers to explore, there isn’t a benchmark when it comes to this. This is one place where I haven’t been yet, and that’s a fair challenge to me.

Total freedom, as opposed to the role that normally sticks on you. We always have a role to fulfill for the others: colleagues, friends, family. A specific personality, calculated reactions. The surprise on the faces of those that ‘know’ you well, when you behave unexpectedly. The baffled, sometimes scorned expressions when you get out of the comfort zone. Sound familiar? Quite funny when I think about it.

To tell the truth, I’m being unfair. I’ve got pretty cool people around me, open minded and all, in most cases non-judgmental (if it is at all possible to be so). And yet, it’s so rare to feel completely free around someone. It’s as though invisible waves keep pushing back, preventing me to take that necessary, bitter step to reach out. Sometimes, I think that the only time I can be myself is when I move to a new place, where no one knows me. Then, for a while, there are no expectations, and it all seems so easy.

Where am I getting with all this? Yes, to change. Change takes many shapes: I change, we change, society changes, nature changes, the whole universe is in perpetual motion. Change is hard to accept, to believe in. It’s hard to be aware of it, to know what to do with it. It might be a need, a blessing, or a curse. Change might very well be inevitable, an ever-lasting process, a constant revolution!

Well, this is basically what this blog is going to be about, I think. I don’t really want to set a tone at this stage. It’s just that this concept allows me to tackle pretty much… well, anything. But I’ll write more about revolution, and a crossroad I am facing, in my next post. This is really just a test. I just wanted to type in personal log #1 and see how I’d feel about it. It feels good.

It isn’t easy, the writing. I’m probably going to lose my sleep over these few lines. I’ve already re-drafted few times. Ha, this is so much fun! I think I’ll start by posting something about my travelling experiences around the world. I love travelling, and nature, treks, road trips, new cultures and people and experiences. So, this is going to be a kind of travel blog too. Both travel blog and thoughts about ever changing worlds.

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  1. You’re a wanderer, my friend. A true one that wanders with his mind and feet and heart and soul.

    Before you leave we still have some endless nights to spend talking about life in front of many drinks, until we smoked one too many cigarettes, our muscles hurt cause we took a frisbee break and our vocal chords are exausted from the long rants, so it’s a little too soon to say this but I wanted to be the first one to leave a comment on this special place to wish you good luck (you don’t need it, all you need is inside you and the rest is in the fridge but, what the hell?).

    There are as many you as many people you’ll meet and places you’ll go, so this is my wish for you: meet them all, see them all and make them whole, again and again.

    With more love than I can say,


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