Marvels to Visit around Napoli, in One Day

I spent about 10 days in Naples, and of course, I went to visit many places in the surrounding region from the amazing Amalfi Coast to incredible Pompei. Although I didn’t do everything, here are some suggestions for visits to do in one day from Naples.

There is no lack of daily tours and visits that can be done from Naples in one day, around that whole beautiful region called Campania. Everyone knows Capri, of course, but also Ischia (more affordable) and some other islands in the gulf, if that’s your thing.

But it’s also possible to climb Mount Vesuvius, with its large craters and amazing views. Some lesser-known sites to visit can be marvellous Caserta’s Palace, nicknamed the Small Versailles, or the ruins of Paestum, a little bit further south, in case you haven’t seen the Parthenon in Athens yet.

Of all places, I definitely didn’t want to miss legendary Pompei. Even though I have seen many ruins in Italy, Greece and Turkey, Pompei’s story is so peculiar, with that tragic volcanic explosion that cancelled its civilization in one go.

The streets of Pompei

Most of the items recovered from the excavations are actually at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples. So, in Pompei it is nice to walk around and imagine, with the help of a guide book or an audio guide, how life carried on back there.

I must say seeing those men, women and children conserved in the same positions they had when the eruption happened, is something that made me think, about fate, life, and the future.

Chalk casts of people of Pompei as they remained after the volcanic explosion which ended their civilisation.

I can’t help but wonder if in two thousand years there will still be people, and if they’ll visit the ruins of old cities that now are inhabited, and what they will think about their ancestors, and what they did of their world. Considering the current trend in politics and the environmental crisis we are in, I daresay they won’t have much to admire of our times.

Detail of a house in Pompei

Anyhow, the unmissable thing to do in Campania is, in my opinion, the Amalfi Coast. Honestly, I was surprised myself: such a stunning place!

I have visited it in the way that fits better my personality, by trekking the famous Path of the Gods (featured image). The trail lives up to its name, with amazing views up the Amalfi Coast’s cliff reaching as far as Capri.

A passage on the Path of the Gods, just before starting the trail on the cliff in the background

The trail starts in a small town called Agerola and ends about above the lovely and colourful Positano, castled in the rocks in front of the sea. Actually, it is possible, through 1,700 steps, to walk from the end of the trail down to Positano as well. Or, if you are like me, do everything the other way around and uphill, it’s more fun, and the trail isn’t that long, count max three hours 😉

Positano could be the beginning or the end of the Path of the Gods, depending on which way you decide to tackle the walk.

Totally worth a visit to the white houses of Amalfi, also castled in the rocks, and to Sorrento, a town opposite side of the small peninsula. It is possible of course to stay in any of these places, but be ready to share the little space available with a mountain of tourists, and to dig deep in your wallet. These would be the only issues I have with the Amalfi Coast. Luckily, everything can be done in one day from Naples.

That’s 500 words, let’s go!


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