Sri Lanka: Escapade at Horton Plains

Horton Plains National Park is one of the eight UNESCO Heritage of Sri Lanka and an unmissable daily trip if you happen to be anywhere nearby during your holiday. 

At an altitude of 2,100 metres above sea level, Horton Plains spread across over 3,100 hectares. It is the highest plateau in Sri Lanka, with its specific flora and fauna, located right in the centre-south of the country. 

World’s End at Horton Plains, a 900 metres jump

The place is the cleanest I have seen in Sri Lanka, quite refreshing, and it is easily accessible by car, or by asking a rickshaw or a taxi to take you until the main parking. For more about transport in Sri Lanka click here. 

An Aspidura, a black snake to be found only on Horton Plains

You can easily go for a loop trail that will take you across the plains, through some nice waterfalls and on the edge of some impressive cliffs, one of which is colourfully called “world’s end”, with a wall that falls for sheer 900 metres. 

Sri Lankan White Eye, a bird endemic of Sri Lanka

With some luck, you’ll come across an Aspidura,  a black snake that lives only on these plains, or an endemic Sri Lankan White Eye bird. 


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