The Beauty of Sadness

Are negative feelings just bad? Or are they necessary? Perhaps there’s even beauty to find in them, if they are lived as moments of personal growth. In time, I’ve had several occasions to talk about what I call the beauty of sadness, so I thought I would just write down […]

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Loneliness: my Dark Lady

Do you feel lonely? Of course you do. We all do. Loneliness isn’t just a feeling like love, hate, envy or happiness. Nothing that brief. Loneliness is an inescapable state of the existence. You can run from it, it will always find you back. You can fight against it, you’ll […]

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Personal log #1 – Begin

So, it begins. I feel like Captain Picard setting out for a journey towards the unknown: excited, hesitant, a little scared too! Right now, while I am typing my very first post, I have no idea whether I’ll write this blog with regularity, for how long, or if it’s going to […]

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