Me relatively recently in Nepal

Hey there! I am Paolo. Italian originally, European professionally, world citizen ideally. I guess I should add travel blogger hypothetically … 🤔

I love the high mountains as well as the deep seas, I devour books of all kind (mostly the difficult kind), and I am a big supporter of the environment in the match against humanity. Go nature go!


I am curious about too many things to be able to focus on one only, which has always been a problem when it comes to take life decisions.  So, a couple of years ago I put myself on a new path of exploration and discovery (if it ever ends) and decided to share all the beauty and wisdom I can find during my wanderings.

It isn’t just about nice destinations though. Life is a journey itself with everything it carries with, and I try to describe part of this journey here too. So I write about what I call inner journeys, which can be anything from personal life and ideas to book reviews, from nice projects where I have been volunteering to spiritual adventures. 

Well, you get the gist of it, I basically write about anything that comes to mind. So far, mostly about travelling. But now travelling is over for a while. So, we’ll see.


Eh, why!?

Short version: I took a decision to ditch my desk for an indefinite while and go travelling, I wanted to write about my experience, but all the cool blog names about backpacking and travelling were already taken. So, that’s that. Let’s call it bad timing.

Long version: it wasn’t just about describing places and destinations, I wanted a space for my thoughts as well, about society and culture, personal development and growth, spiritual life, all different but parallel type of journeys, inner journeys if you wish. I also wanted a space where I could write stories of projects that bring positive change to the world if I’d come across any, which I did. 

I thought: if there’s something I know about life, is that change is an ever-present force. Big changes, small changes, easy ones, tough ones, who cares: everything’s constantly moving, turning, spinning. Everything changes, and so do I, and the people around me, and the world. Every spin is a revolution.

Now, the constant change, or turn, or spin didn’t sound right at all. Revolution, however, there’s a nice round sound to it, and it carries a meaning. So, there you go, weird name for a travel blog perhaps, and when you Google it mostly the Trotskian theory of permanent revolution pops up, hahaha.

Still, it allows me to tackle all the subjects that interest me, beyond backpacking.

I even got a tagline, kind of a serious-sounding one: There’s a journey in the world and there’s an inner journey. Cool huh? I promise I’ll try not to be too serious 😏